Although it has been suggested by nearly every one of our guests, Steve will not be changing his last name to Blumer. Amanda has also rejected the idea of a hyphenated last name.

This means, at some point, you’re going to have to learn how to properly pronounce and spell Wrzeszczynski. The name may be intimidating, but it is quite easy once you learn the tricks.


Wrzeszczynski is best learned in four steps.

1. It begins with a ‘Wr’ and right away you hit your first ‘z’ There are 3 of them.

2. This is the easy part. It’s just an ‘es’

3. Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. Constantly remind yourself that there are 3 z’s and you already used up one of them. You need the rest of them at this point. Toss a ‘c’ in between to arrive at ‘zcz’

4. If you managed to make it through the last step, you’re home free. Just tack on a ‘yn’ then the Polish ‘ski’ and you’re set!


It’s pronounced: Ra-zin-ski. Wrzeszczynski! Don’t you see it?

We are more than aware that you can eliminate about half of the letters and still arrive at the same pronunciation. But that wouldn’t be as much fun now would it?

One last thing, all guests will be tested on the spelling of our last name upon arrival at the reception hall. Spell it wrong and you ain’t eating.