Amanda Blumer was born in Pittsburgh on May 20th, 1986 to Dave and Donna Blumer. (insert cute Amanda baby pic)

Dave has one older sister (Aunt Dee) and Donna has three older sisters (Aunt Cindy, Aunt Mimi, and Aunt Judy). Amanda has 6 older cousins, many of which now have families of their own. (big family photos?)

But Amanda wasn’t the youngest in the family for long, her younger sisters Allison (Alli) and Alexandra (Alex) were born three and six years after her. (a couple blumer girl close ups!)

Many years later Amanda graduated high school and went to Penn State University in State College, PA to study Mechanical Engineering. While at Penn State, Amanda met a lot of great friends, made a lot of great memories, and of course attended a lot of great football games! (college pics?)

Two of the friends Amanda made in college still live with her today:

(cute bailey baby pic)
What a cute little kitty! It wasn’t until too late that we found out that Bailey is crazy (yes Alli and Alex, that word was crazy, not evil). She isn’t always friendly to guests, but when no one else is around she is quite sweet to Steve and I, so I guess we’ll let her stay.

You may have guessed by now that the second friend that Amanda still lives with today is her soon-to-be-husband, Steve. Wow – that sounds weird, let’s stick with fiance, Steve, for now! (insert steve and amanda pics)

Currently Amanda works for Bechtel a little east of Pittsburgh where she has again been lucky enough to make many great friends!

Steve and Amanda enjoy hanging out with friends and family around Pittsburgh, traveling to explore other cities and countries, and of course watching football! It’s probably not surprising that one of the first wedding related decisions that Steve and Amanda agreed on was the wedding date. What you may not know is that the main requirement for the wedding date was that it needed to be AT LEAST two weeks before the first 2012 Penn State home football game. This way Amanda and Steve would be back from their honeymoon in time to make it to their home-away-from-home in Beaver Stadium. (pics?)